The end is near

All aspects of your pet's behavior. Do you need help? Is your pet behaving normally?
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The end is near

Post by BabyRider »

Lack of bladder control can be a sign of a health issue. How long since her last vet check and did you mention this to the Dr. when you took her?
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The end is near

Post by chickinpink09 »

I agree with baby rider sounds like she is having bladder problems and she is getting old and just can't move fast enough when she has sudden urges and is now just used to going in the house. If you can take her out every couple of hours and make sure she uses the bathroom before you let her back in.

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The end is near

Post by orangesox1 »

I'm very committed to my animals but I had a cat once that was just so much trouble that I had to have here put to sleep, she was the only animal I ever had that I couldn't deal with and I was sorry to have to do it but it relieved a lot of stress on me and just had to be done. It was her or me and since it was my house it wasn't going to be me.

It was good advice to have the dog checked first though as it could be a physical problem.

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