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I showed this to my friend's kid and he loved it! I thought it was very positive. Here's where I found it:

Beat the Doldrums Online With Your Kids

Maui Hawaii-

Lions, Tigers and Bears… Oh my! Nothing short lived or less than

edutaining on the Totem Safari pages at These are just

a few of the animal friends who gather as one tribe on the menu eager

to teach children about animal totems and native wisdom.

The inspiration and insightful children’s writing of author, Ariadne

Green, combine with the design ‘know how’ of Kimberly Miller,

elementary school teacher turned webmaster to put AnimalTribe at the

top of the list of ‘more than just fun’ children’s sites this summer.

The site offers countless pages of meaningful reading about animal

wisdom and enough interactivity to delight all ages, turning a rainy

day or Sunday afternoon with the kids into a family tribal adventure.

Kids beat a native drum and like magic are greeted by a random

animal friend, one who might give such advice as “Give TLC bear hugs to

your friends” or “Stop letting others drag you around by a leash’”.

The animal totem friend then points them to navigate and read some

thought-full lessons as to how to apply animal wisdom into just about

every situation. There are even complete directions for creating an

AnimalTribe totem pole.

Green says that the lessons on the site are meant to teach children

to value their own innate connection to the animal kingdom, upholding a

view and philosophy held by indigenous cultures around the world.

Native Americans, Hawaiians and Australian Aboriginals, for example,

refer to animals as their relations, even brother and sister,

demonstrating an intimate bond and way of honoring the animals that

lived amongst them.

“Kids in the city have animals that guide them through their dreams

just as often as those living on an Indian reservation”, says Green.

“My wish is to help parents and teachers understand and appreciate this

innate intelligence and to address their children’s need for reading

material and online experiences that are relevant to their emotional


The site was launched on Earth Day in conjunction with an event at

Pacific Whale Foundation of the Pacific on Maui, Hawaii and has drawn

interest from as far as the Gold and Sunshine Coasts of Australia. described it as “authentic, interactive and well written”.

Visiting this child safe site is a must for parents and teachers who

want their children to learn more then just a few facts about animal

behaviors and habitats. The site is accessed at as well as from the lists of many of the kid

link sites and search engines on the net.

Ariadne Green, dream educator and author of several books including

Ariadne’s Book of Dreams, Warner Books 2001 and Dream Analysis For

Kids, B&B Marketing Inc., has her eye on AnimalTribe’s future. She

plans to develop the site a bit more to include more interactivity and

hopes to eventually produce a CD Rom of the expanded version of the

curriculum through grants. For now, she is looking for Godparent types

to take the site to the next level financially, artistically, and

interactively. For those who may wish to join the Animaltribe team

with their talents, Ariadne can be contacted on Maui at (808) 669-9108

or by email at:
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More proof about how I wished we had the internet back when my kids were so young. What a cool site.
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