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FG unresponsive

Post by spot »

There may have been a glitch over the last hour. Note the figures:


04:39:35 up 196 days, 10:39, 1 user, load average: 1.23, 5.90, 9.70

The system seems to have stabilized (that's the 1.23 last-five-minutes load) but you can see the earlier figures were over 5 which is when glitches show up. Something runaway was running, but it's not running at the moment.

I assess that it's not a problem, this thread is to tell me if the day worsens.
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Silas Mackey
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FG unresponsive

Post by Silas Mackey »

Okey Thank you for let us know.
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Bryn Mawr
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FG unresponsive

Post by Bryn Mawr »

About four hundred DB Errors reported between 09:25 and 09:27
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FG unresponsive

Post by Snowfire »

I had no problems today but two days ago I got a "server busy" several times when trying to refresh. I know we get many visitors and passers by but would a regular member get priority in such a case ?
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