Forebode away

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Forebode away

Post by spot »

Oh my, the freaks will be buzzing over this...For the first time, scientists have directly controlled brain cells using sound waves, in a tiny laboratory worm. They used ultrasound to trigger activity in specific neurons, causing the worms to change direction.

Sound waves used to activate brain cells in a worm - BBC News

What can I wear when I go out that absorbs ultrasound?

Obstetrics units are pre-programming the next generation with government control instructions.

Any more?
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Forebode away

Post by Bruv » I get this correctly.............blasting a tiny worm with massive blasts of ultrasound.......and the tiny worm alters it's course.

And.......these clever scientists.............that are probably receiving grants........believe they are controlling the itsy bitsy worm's brains.

Is that like when my missus shouts when I am dozing off and it makes me jump?

Where is that queue for the grant?
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Forebode away

Post by FourPart »

I get like that when I get standard high volume sound blasted at me as well - I turn to get away from it as well.

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