Shoulder Concerns

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Shoulder Concerns

Post by FourPart »

As part of my diet / weight loss regime I had been regularly putting in 100 x 25m lengths at the pool each week. However about 8 weeks ago I had to cut this short & not been able to do any swimming since because of severe shoulder pains.

My Diet Nurse arranged for me to see the Practice GP who specialised in Orthopedics, who referred me to get an X-Ray, and I have a follow up appointment to see my GP (not the same one, although same practice).

During today's appointment with the Diet Nurse she was showing me the X-Ray results from the Radiographer, and even she didn't understand most of the medical jargon, but I did recognise 1 phrase that's got me worried "Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis". I know it's only one phrase among a load of others, so nothing should be assumed from that, but to explain why I'm so concerned - probably the most famous victim of ALS is Stephen Hawking.

I'm just hoping it's either a mis-diagnosis or (more likely) I simply misunderstood the context.

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Shoulder Concerns

Post by Bruv »

I am hoping you got the wording wrong on your behalf.
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Shoulder Concerns

Post by LarsMac »

Agree. Wait until you actually get to talk to the Orthopedic.

The "diet nurse" had no business telling you anything about the X-Ray or the Radiology report. Where I live that could be a dismissible offense.

I wonder if "Rotator Cuff" was in that report.

I know when I had my Rotator Cuff issue, I had problems with swimming, and about anything else that required shoulder movement.
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