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And further more...

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As the 50th anniversary draws out more and more theories there Is one thing I have always believed.

From everything I have read over the years ( which Is extensive ), I have always believed that Jack Ruby was far from some stranger to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Hard Copy - Talks with Lee Harvey Oswald's Cellmate!! - YouTube

As he's led from the basement for transfer from the Dallas Police Station to the County Jail and where the fatal shot by Ruby was fired, for a nanosecond, he looks In recognition.

Oswald - Who Does He See? - YouTube

Why was the FBI agent who talked to Jack Ruby outside the Parkland Memorial Hospital dismissed by The Warren Commission Instead believing Ruby when he denied being there?

Once In custody, LHO was already receiving death threats from the public. How did Ruby get Into the basement of Dallas Police Station when It was so heavily guarded.?

Did Ruby know he was going to kill the President? Was he actually In on It ?
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