A Living Will Living Well

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A Living Will Living Well

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I took my mom this morning to sign a standard Living Will and while we're all relieved that it's done, it's left me a little wistful. The paperwork had been drawn up back in September when she signed papers giving us power of attorney as well as decision making regarding her health care but I drew the line at the Living Will at that particular time. She had been in such a state of high anxiety over the summer while ill, both mentally confused as well as emotionally frightened and it was not a good combination. I felt like signing the Living Will then might cause her more fears of thinking it meant more than it did when it really wasn't a reflection on her current state, simply a safeguard for the future.

Her anxieties continued for some time after she came home with us but as her physical health has improved and her mental faculties leveled back out, the anxiety has for the most part gone on its way. In most respects, she is back to her usual pragmatic self and was very interested in moving forward with getting her signature on the document. The time felt right so I took her to the lawyer's office this morning and the deed is done! We ran some errands afterwards, went Christmas shopping and had a great lunch at a little cafe overlooking the Appomattox River.

In order to appreciate the joy that it brings me to write that last sentence, you would have to have seen how ill she was a few months ago. Her recovery has far exceeded what we had even dared to hope for and it's a sight for sore eyes! She looks years younger, has a great outlook and is thriving!

What I didn't post at the time was that her general practitioner told me in the summer "to let her go". Unthinkable. Next doctor please ...

I went through yet another one who also wrote her off until I finally found one who took a completely different approach. He's young, enthusiastic, a specialist and his positive attitude is a match for my own. I decided to throw my lot with him and so far he hasn't let us down. The results to date speak for themselves. I know that things can change on a dime but so far so good!

So why am I feeling oddly wistful right now? Because even though the legal paperwork is in order, my wish for her is that it never comes to that. I hope when her time comes that she goes quickly and painlessly in her sleep one night. That's the best any of us can hope for, right? If only!

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A Living Will Living Well

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You were wise to shop around for a doctor your comfortable with.

Enjoy your time with Mom.

Have a wonderful Holiday


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