Africanis: Daniel Naude

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Africanis: Daniel Naude

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Until I ran across this web article, I had never heard of the Africanis dog. So many of them resemble greyhounds to me! I've read before that when natural selection takes over in the dog world, the first thing to go is a long coat because apparently it's more of a hindrance to their survival than an asset.

Africanis : Daniel Naude

The article reminded me somewhat of the Carolina dogs which are supposedly descendents of the canines that lived among and around the outskirts of native American Indian villages. I was disheartened & a little confused to read that in the last decade or so they've been "rescued" and are now being sold as a distinct breed. Once they begin selectively breeding these dogs, doesn't that alter their distinction of being the result of natural selection? :-2

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