Deva station

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Deva station

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DEVA STATION is a metaphor for the splitting of an atom the result of which is the release of tremendous amounts of energy similar to the nuclear bomb dropped from a B52 Bomber in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on August 6, 1945. The DEVASTATION of the two Japanese cities ended finally the war in the Pacific. What the Americans did was just one of the many devastations that occurred in human history. A similar occurrence was recorded in the OT of the Bible after God vaporized Sodom and Gomorrah with , believe it or not, a Brahmashira, a weapon believed to cause severe environmental damage. The land where the weapon was used became barren and all life in and around that area ceased to exist, as both women and men became infertile. There was also a severe decrease in rainfall with the land developing cracks, like in a drought.

Brahmastra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cities Sodom & Gomorrah was not supposed to be destroyed if only Lot & Sarah were able to find at least among the population sincere devotees of God. Lot even bargained with God from 100 to 30 & finally 10. So, when the time came for God to release his Brahmashiras on Sodom & Gomorrah after Lot & Sarah found there were only less than ten, God instructed Lot & Sarah to immediately leave, run as fast as they could without turning their backs when God drops his Bramashiras on Sodom & Gomorrah. Unfortunately for Sarah, she turned her back to take a last look just right after the Brahmashiras exploded in Sodom & Gomorrah.



Right at this moment there are devastations of websites in cyber space. Simply for the purpose of installing after a devastation of the website a DEVA STATION.
Om namo bagavate vasudevaya, " God is the Cause of All causes."

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