Universal Wavicle Mechanism.

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Universal Wavicle Mechanism.

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Perhaps dark energy/cosmic expansion is simply an affect of a big crunch?

Allow me to elucidate;- When a 'crunch' condenses below its Schwarzchild Radius, I propose a duality is formed, being the Lorentz Transform imaginary values associated with 10^500);- So what if our cosmos manifests as merely 1 super-positioned, self interacting wavicle of varying dimensionality/phase? ..... could it be that we're actually all part of this multiverse already?

In 1922, Ray Cummings scribed;- "Time, is what keeps everything from happening at once" .... Perhaps space, similarly, is that which allows all possible states to occur @ once?

This type of thinking suggests everything in the universe is all inextricably connected, and from a far higher dimensional viewpoint is merely one solitary thing.

Hope you find this most beguiling. :guitarist

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