How to get right way of cultivation?

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How to get right way of cultivation?

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Maybe you have heard of Falun gong, one of its theories is cultivation. Mr Li promises that: if practitioners can bear the sufferings caused by diseases, their Cultivation will march on to a higher level, and he greatly encourages the practitioners sticking strictly to his teachings.

"How much Dafa disciples put in is how much they'll get out. Even an average, ordinary being will, after bearing responsibility for the good things and the bad things, be rendered in the future everything he accumulated."

"In fact, cultivation is about coming here to suffer, not coming here to be protected in the human world. When one studies Dafa he will be protected, but cultivating Dafa also requires one to endure suffering. "

Do you agree to the theory? Many people who practise dafa often endure illness and think that illness can help them cultivating. And of course, most of them go to hospital for medical treatment, otherwise, they will die of disease. Nobody can really help them except the doctors.

So we can definetly say that if the people want to get right way of cultivation, they should be careful choosing the right means.

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