The eye

A place to explain or ask another member to explain the meaning behind their avatar.
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The eye

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Hi everyone,

My avatar is a subset of my graphics on my website:

I view these images as a metaphor for being in a digitalfog, which most of the Internet seems to be some days. ;)
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The eye

Post by anastrophe »


my avatar is, well, me. i figure it's 'full disclosure'. i yam wati yam, so to speak.
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The eye

Post by CARLA »

My Avitar is a very old picture that I have had for decades. Just like it..!! :D

DIGITALFOG, I just spent the last 15 minutes at your site, laughing till I had tears in my eyes...!! :yh_rotfl :yh_rotfl Love it..!!


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WOO HOO!!, what a ride!!!"

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The eye

Post by Cass »

DigitalFrog.. I really enjoyed your site LOL

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