Medic alert data----usb

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Medic alert data----usb

Post by Lon »

We have all seen the Medic Alert Bracelets that some people wear (diabetics, epilepsy, heart, medications etc.) This USB device goes one better with the individual being able to put ALL their medical history on it. Most all Emergency Rooms have computers and having access to meds that you are taking or are allergic to, could possibly save your life. This particular device can be worn around the neck or on a key-chain and is just one of the many different kinds that are available.

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Medic alert data----usb

Post by CARLA »

It is a great device just requires a PC to read it which isn't available some of the time. We use MEDIC ALERT bracelets, necklaces, you name it we use it for Alzheimer's Patients to wear. This particular device is great and is being used when patient get admitted as it can have your full medical history and records on it.


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Medic alert data----usb

Post by abbey »

That's a brilliant idea. :yh_idea
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Medic alert data----usb

Post by Victoria »

We bought a medic alert braclet for my MIL she has alzhiemers so we need to know that if she were lost or hurt anyone would be able to open it and know who she was.

In the Netherlands they have introduced the E-file an electronic medical file so if you go into any Dutch hospital and clinic your file can be bought up online within seconds ..

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