Canada's Pot Prince

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Canada's Pot Prince

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Mark Emery.

*sputter *sputter *cough... *cough

Yes. I'm afraid he belongs to us. :o

There are a few things about Mr Emery that make him interesting. Health Canada has, for some time, been referring people using marijuana medicinally to his website to purchase seeds. The US wants us to extradite Mr. Emery, a Canadian, so they can persecute him. He says really stupid things.

An example of a really stupid thing: "During last spring's provincial election, B.C. Marijuana Party leader Mark Emery told a Langley newspaper that too much tax money is spent keeping "old people" alive." source

I saw an article about Emery recently in which he claims that all world progress was made by pot smokers. He is their king. I'd like to find that article again. There are a number of statements made in it which may provide amusement where they don't offend.
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Canada's Pot Prince

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That thing in the middle, it looks like a penis.

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Canada's Pot Prince

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no it isnt. Someone threw a poo in a lake

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