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Intuitive Living

Post by koan »

I love going for walks by myself. Mind wanders, what would come out in strange dreams has a chance to catch my waking attention...

I realised that I live a lot by intuition. I tend to take unusual actions that don't make immediate sense to those around me but they come to see that my life has a strange way of working out. In a way, I'm building stories. Once in awhile, particularly at the end of an adventure, there is a sense of lull, of waiting for the next adventure to begin, and all the experiences recently accumulated have a chance to stretch their legs in my thoughts. Such was my walk today.

I'm a problem solver by nature. I wonder if I sometimes draw problems to me just so I can be busy solving something, and then it is so easy to let logic creep in and take control. Testing out the obvious first, looking for categories in which to place events. That isn't truth to me. Everything is organic. Life works out best when you don't ask "what is it?" but ask "what do I do with it?" instead.
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Intuitive Living

Post by JacksDad »


I like that.

All's good.

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Intuitive Living

Post by robbie_d »


Life's reason and purpose - problem solving... Never thought of such in that way before... Like that 'a lot'...

What you've written makes more than a great deal of sense to me... I can almost follow your pattern of thought and life down to the last letter: including the short (and sometimes long) pauses...

I particularly liked your reasoning of: what one can do with life - rather than considering what life is...

Please: I for one would like to hear more...


Robbie D...
The only realities in life: are those which lie buried in the past…
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Intuitive Living

Post by Odie »

I take life now one day at a time.
Life is just to short for drama.

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