P Diddy Wants To Make Voting Sexy

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P Diddy Wants To Make Voting Sexy

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Warsai wrote: Sean "P Diddy" Combs wants to encourage more people to vote by creating voting t-shirts and stuff like that.


"Referring to himself as "Citizen Combs," the media mogul/athlete/actor/fashion designer said Citizen Change's goal is to champion the cause of youth and minority voters, or as he has dubbed them, "the forgotten ones" — a group comprised of the more than "42 million Americans age 18 to 30 that are eligible to vote on November 2."

The guy has marketing chops. Very good.


He's getting the MTV generation to sign up. Mostly ultra-liberal know-nothings. Will vote for the "prettiest and sexiest" candidate.

Don't believe me? Watch some of the shows - especially the real life and interview type shows. These kids (within the MTV universe) are horrifically un-educated and mis-informed.

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