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Although I feel allot of people don’t value roots as much as they should , and especially when it is with something that is not all to positive we tend to ignore and forget these things and sometimes pretend that they were never there . I was on myspace.com/nwa and I saw that they have recently released a greatest hits Cd. For something that was such a controversial product during its conception, if now looked upon in retrospect, is nothing in comparison to what all these new generation gangster rappers are making their music about. I think the point that I am trying to make is that when you can go back and pick up something like a NWA greatest hits it all makes sense. Although the message can be interpreted into other translations, a main point is that in order to make a change you have to speak about what they want to keep quiet. That’s why when I hear about these kinds of things, I support and speak on them. I am a NWA fan for life.
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Niggers With Attitude ?

Its self degradation at its worst.
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Nomad;535671 wrote: Niggers With Attitude ?

Its self degradation at its worst.

oh thats what nwa means thanks nomad wondered what , post daddy was on about :-3


bald and fat with attitude sort of :D

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