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Here's the track we used to race at...

We haven't raced there this past year because they dropped our class...My father used to have the fastest car out there, but we race at Shadybowl Speedway now...

Kilkare is located in Xenia Ohio, about 5 miles from where I live...Shadybowl is about 40 miles north of here...

I'm sure we will race at Kilkare again in the near future...But this is where all of our racing began...with the exception of my father of course as he used to be affiliated with ARCA and used to race at Dayton Speedway back in history...Dayton Speedway isn't up anymore.

These are Ford Focus Midgets, or "open wheel" race cars...We race full cars, but this was the only thing up for the public to veiw...I'll try and find a way to upload the races we have on video to my computer some time. ... E+SPEEDWAY

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