Music Video for Missing Children Needs your Child

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Music Video for Missing Children Needs your Child

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Dear Parents:

In tribute to the Missing Children around the United States, we are producing a non-profit music video to help search for your lost children. Our team is moved to do this project because we believe that together we can help reach out to people in the US to help you with your endeavor.

The recording artist, Vienna ( wrote a song called I Wish, a heartfelt song about losing someone really close to you.

Vienna’s song, I Wish will be the song used for this music video.

The music video will feature photos of missing children around the US. If you have a missing child, this may be a good chance for you to expose your missing child’s photo nationally, thus increasing the possibility of them being found.

Vienna just finished shooting the video and the producers are currently placing photos in the video.

The video will consist mostly of the photos of missing children. Approximately, 55 photos will be chosen for the first release of the “I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)” video. Our team has plan to create a couple versions of this music video (each version will have two different batches of the missing children photos so we can expose as many children as possible). We also plan to submit the completed music video to major music television channels such as VH1 and MTV.

If you wish for your Missing Child to be part of this wonderful cause, we will need the following from you:

● Child must be under 16 years old

● She/he became missing no earlier than year 2000

● Must include the following information:

1. Name

2. Nickname

3. Gender

4. Present age

5. Weight

6. Height

7. Missing Since (Date)

8. Missing From (City, State)

9. Eyes

10. Hair

11. Complexion

12. Age at Disappearance

13. Ethnic Origin

14. Other (additional description. e.g. has a birthmark on left arm, wears eye glasses, etc.)

● Most importantly, we need to include your child’s photo in the music video. Please send your child’s photo via email to:

● If possible please include a short description of how the circumstance happened.

We will be featuring the first 55 missing children on the “I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children) music video. Please check out our website for more details at

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