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On the lighter side, here's one of my kids stories/poems

Ask any boy for a whatzamadoodle,

A thingamabob or a kit and kaboodle.

He may not know just what you're asking him for

But I bet he has all of them, probably more.

To a boy, every thing that he sees is a treasure.

The use can be found later on at his leisure.

A stone good for skipping, a hook for a string,

A wrapper for gum and a stick for a sling.

The use for a whatzamadoodle is found

When you're lazing and lolling and lying around.

And the world is just full of surprises in store

For the curious boy who walks out of his door.

A button or bottlecap has the same worth

As a piece of a meteor fallen to Earth.

These whatzamadoodles are in my collection.

Every boy needs to have them for his own perfection.

And it's quite possible that a string or a feather

Could save someone's life or hold something together.

Like the day I was walking to school and was late

'Cause I saw something shiny lying down at the gate.

I almost walked by but a glint caught my eye

And I couldn't resist it as hard as I try.

There it was, buried half into the ground,

The most wonderful gizmo that I've ever found!

I call it a spinning buzzamawho

It whirs and it spins and it opens cans too!

It's shiny and weird and it looks almost new

I can't wait to find out what else it can do.

Too big for my pocket, I made it a pouch

So it won't get lost when I sit on the couch.

Now I bring it along everywhere that I go

'Cause it could come in handy, you just never know.

So please don't complain when my pockets are full.

To me all that junk is quite wonderful.

And one of my whatzamadoodles one day

Might solve a problem that stands in your way.

copyright "koan" June 2003
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:yh_clap That's very good! :D

I work with a guy who constantly uses the word "whatchamacallit". "Has whatchamacallit been in?" "Has the whatchamacallit come?" It scares me when I know what he's talking about!
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That is great Koan.. reminds me of the good Dr. Suess... very talented...
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