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Thank you letter

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F.O.C.U.S./"3-CHILDREN" Organization's volunteers thought their letter of thanks to a local women's golf club, should be available to family members of the missing on a global level (following letter mailed to the woman's golf club 5/1/06):

"Dear Poplar Creek Women's Golf Club members:

Our charity is gratefully appreciative of your support,

and will serve as inspiration to continue our mission.

if my memory serves me correctly, your golf tournament

jump-started our efforts to develop programs to maximize

the potential of both helping find missing children and teaching

child abduction prevention (Programs we modeled after the

already developed federal national programs - some since the


Without your partnership, along with the support we've received

from thousands of families, throughout seven western states

while we were attending annual regional high-attendance Fairs

and Festivals, and the support we receive, annually, from the

Oakland Athletics Baseball Organization and the A's fans who

bid on A's equipment and memorabilia, there would be no

reason to continue.

F.O.C.U.S./"3-CHILDREN" ORGANIZATION will continue to

gather support in our attempt to meet our mission and

objective, " compile statistics, increase exposure to the

public by working with the media on local and national levels

concerning the issues of missing persons and their families,

educate public officials and agencies on these issues, enhance

communication between the families of the missing and law

enforcement and bring positive attention and support to

not-for-profit missing persons organizations".

To help even more, please contact the NCMEC and tell them you

support the national effort to fix the national missing children

programs, and would appreciate seeing a monthly maintained

display of missing children notices, as directed and instructed in


This letter will become part of an internet site called Forum (go to their forums on "Missing Children", "Missing

Adults", "Amber Alert", etc). Various "threads", part of this

discussion group display the opinions and findings of the

F.O.C.U.S./"3-CHILDREN" Org. The more people we get behind

our effort, the better the chance we have to reach our goal

of having the annual federal funded national missing children

programs fixed, by having a monthly maintained display of

missing person notices in the lobby of every Post Office (monthly

printed notices are already available, from the NCMEC).

Some of the Federal missing children programs, are operating at

half of their instructed directions. A simple management

communication instructing those federal employees responsible

for maintaining a display of missing children notices in their

Postal District, " office lobbies, workroom floor area, and

other postal facilities...", is all it would require, the funding , and

the monthly printing of missing children notices , is already being

provided, sine the 1980's, to complete the instructions (so the

national program is working as intended ) the Post Master in

each postal District needs to see that each Post office in his/her

District maintains part to the "Post office lobby..." displays, to

include a monthly updated missing children notice section.

Including the "EMERGENCY BROADCAST FAX" notices, which

would improve the efficiency level of the AMBER ALERTS.


F.O.C.U.S. volunteers "

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