A letter to parent's from an 18 year old.

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A letter to parent's from an 18 year old.

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So, I made it to 18. You are most likely proud of me or either wishing you could of done better. But lets face it. You aren't done raising me. I still have questions to ask you about life. This isn't the end. College will come and go and i may seem unappreciative at times but always know i was thankful. Highschool was fun for me and sometimes really dramatic. Boyfriends and late nights scared you to death. But you raised me to be a great kid. Middle school is where things got confusing. I wasn't sure who i was and you were there to guide me. The whole time thinking "my baby doesn't need me anymore" truth is... with every roll of my eye, every stomping of my foot and every slam of a door just know that your fight to keep me "a good kid" is worth it. I'm glad you didn't give up on me. I'm 18 and ready to face the world. Thanks to you of course. Scared, and freaked out! But excited. I know you will always see me as that little 3 year old and i'm sure you will always want to protect me like you did when i was 2. But it's time for me to make my own mistakes and when i come to you for help, just know it took me all the courage in the world to do so.

Yours truly
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A letter to parent's from an 18 year old.

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18 is a nice number but that's all it is. It isn't a point of demarcation. Yes, you can call your own shots now and do your own thing if you choose. However, since you aren't married and you don't have any children there isn't anyone who cares more about you than your parents. There isn't anyone who knows you better or wants you to succeed more than they. And most of all, there isn't anyone who, with your actions or inaction, you can inflict with more pain or joy. 18 is just a number.
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