Cosmetic Quackery

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Cosmetic Quackery

Post by koan »

In Canada, GPs have been moonlighting as cosmetic surgeons to make a few bucks. :eek:

did you know this??

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario yesterday approved two rule changes that will make it less likely that patients seeking cosmetic surgery will find themselves in the hands of a general practitioner with no special training in the field.

The rules are a key element in the college's efforts to protect the public, particularly in the field of cosmetic surgery.

"There is actually no such term as cosmetic surgery," CPSO president Preston Zuliani told reporters. "That is a term that has been made up."

The rules come nearly seven months after the death of Krista Stryland, a 32-year-old real-estate agent, after a liposuction procedure performed by a family doctor advertising herself as a cosmetic surgeon.

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Cosmetic Quackery

Post by Santanico »

Before Sunset;836435 wrote: Good grief! Why would a doctor want to take a chance on hurting someone that way? I went to my general practitioner and told him that I wanted a mole removed. He said he would do it if it wasn't on my face. He wasn't willing to take any chances with my face. He sent me to a specialist.

My question is: who would go to a cosmetic surgeon that they haven't checked out thoroughly? I mean, seriously, I don't even like going to a new hairdresser!!

That's how you end up with boobs on your back :p

PS- Glad to hear you have a GP who obviously cares about patients' health & wellbeing before the almighty dollar :)
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Cosmetic Quackery

Post by sunny104 »

I've always had good doctors. :-6

I always make sure they are board certified in their chosen specialty when I'm choosing a new doctor though.

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