The Perfect Sandwich

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The Perfect Sandwich

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"Girls are crazy! I'm not ever getting married, I can make my own sandwiches!"

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The Perfect Sandwich

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WonderWendy3;537333 wrote: Bill, it comes in many varieties, I usually like Beef only. I looked up two links for you, the second one is a company here in the US that is known as a big supplier of it, usually very popular around Christmas for gifts...

Very yummmy with crackers and cheese and mustard of choice...

and yes I say hunk of bread, usually chunk of cheese (in block form)


I had tried the Hickory Farms sweet-hot mustard and their summer sausage in a package they sell. Was good...
Ciao, Bella!
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The Perfect Sandwich

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Any crusty bread, Italian, French, etc.

Meunster, Swiss, Provolone, Jarlsberg, or Smoked Gouda cheese.

Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and basil pesto.

Roast beef, turkey, or proscuitto. ('Scuitto's my fav.)

Grilled, of course.

But, a good Muffaletta runs a very, very, very close second. I ask that the olive salad be left off, though, as it's too strong for my palate.
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The Perfect Sandwich

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Sunny Side Up eggs




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The Perfect Sandwich

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A Reuben!

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