Anyone Concerned About A Potential Pandemic?

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Anyone Concerned About A Potential Pandemic?

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Anyone Concerned About A Potential Pandemic?

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Accountable wrote: I'm not taking the time to read all that. The pandemic would be here & gone by then. :-2The sun has it's effect on you rather than the virus. The virus probably is around before the epidenic starts but while the sun is shining most people don't catch it because their vitamin d status, while the sun is shining on their skin, is high. When the cloudy weather and the autumn comes the sun doesn't shine as much or as strongly therefore people don't go out in the sun, they put on more clothes so less skin is available for vitamin d synthesis and so their vitamin d status drops and not only do they get flu but because their vitamin d status is so low they have no control over the pro-inflammatory cytokines who go mad and zap them along with the infection.

So having a 50.000iu vitamin tab at hand to take at the first sign of flu will hopefully provide enough vitamin d for your immune control system to function over the next fortnight while you get rid of the bug. However taking 4000iu of vitamin d every day will keep your levels topped up and this may reduce the chances of your getting the bug in the first place.

For the chap with hemmoroids theres a useful article on fibre here

and may I suggest porridge oats with some ground linseed for breakfast.

I buy a 5kg bag of natural linseed from the health food store and grind a jarful in the coffee grinder to last all week. A couple of tablespoons of this on my porridge or yoghurt boost my fibre intake. As it's soluble fibre it absorbs a lot of water so you need to drink plenty. It also contains omega3 (or rather the precusors to allow your liver to make omega) and as I may have mentioned omega is an antiinflammatory agent.
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Anyone Concerned About A Potential Pandemic?

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SnoozeControl wrote: I'm so glad we could bond over my hemorrhoid, Ted.this is a rather disturbing visual Snooze. :eek:
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Anyone Concerned About A Potential Pandemic?

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SnoozeControl wrote: Someone sweetly suggested in a PM that sunning my hemorrhoid might be helpful. Do you think that's true, Ted?
Bwahahahaha....gawd...this would be so funny to see you do this!
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Anyone Concerned About A Potential Pandemic?

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I'm not concerned in the slightest. It's been my experience that the media tend to overblow these issues and I tend to pay little heed to them.

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