Virtual trips: Kayenta AZ

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Virtual trips: Kayenta AZ

Post by spot »

I have it in mind there are places I'll not get to see, but I might on Google Earth Streetview.

For decades I quite fancied hiking from Kayenta AZ. I can imagine streetview will fall short. Perhaps photos from the Interweb will help out. I'll give it a try here anyway. If anyone can chip in memories or anecdotes or photos it will add to the ambience.
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Re: Virtual trips: Kayenta AZ

Post by LarsMac »

that's not terribly far from Saint_'s stomping grounds.
May be he can offer some insight.
We are planning a trip to Mesa Verde this year. That's a place you might want to have on your wish list, as well.
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Re: Virtual trips: Kayenta AZ

Post by Arthur233 »

I also want to go there but I don't know if it's worth it. Let me know how you feel when you get back.

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