Thirteen years of Tory misrule

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Thirteen years of Tory misrule

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I have lived through three periods of Conservative government which have reached thirteen consecutive years in power, each of which has ended in sleaze, mire, corruption and a collapsed economy. The notion that this bag of overprivileged cynical unprincipled incompetent liars might ever get back into power after the next election raises my hackles.

The first faded into corrupt inconsequence after Eden, Suez, a bouncy phase of Supermac and the shockingly inappropriate final year under Alec Douglas-Home. What we got from that was the Satire boom and the irreversible death of the Establishment. In retrospect the death of the Establishment was worth the wait, and the comedic value of episodes like Mandy Rice-Davis or the evaporation of the Obscene Publications Bill and the Lord Chamberlain's censorship office offered long-term gains for society. All it cost was two unnecessary world wars.

The second was the deliberate extension of a one-term failing Thatcher administration into a ten-year haul when she managed to start a war with Argentina by sinking a cruiser in international waters. What we got in exchange was a Loadsamoney generation of unqualified barrow-boys snorting cocaine off cigar-spill ten-pound notes while swilling champagne straight from the magnum, as the poor went without and the bankrupt started openly begging in the street for the first time since the thirties.

The current bunch are the first to have taken the country downhill from first to last, not a single successful twitch from day one. This has been thirteen years of unmitigated disaster, all centred around David So-Called Cameron gambling the country in exchange for one more term in office and losing his Brexit bet. He promised the referendum was advisory and then walked into the sunset having accepted the result as a commitment. The lack of integrity ought to continue to astound people for the next hundred years. It's what happens when you vote a greasy fly-by-night County Set candidate into office.
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