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I presume this Japanese program is some sort of talent competition. Comedy or interpretive dance? Either way, it's funny to watch. The performer's expression remains so serious throughout the act and the drama & flair of the eyeglasses is so funny! I'd give him a rating of 10 out of 10 just for sheer audacity if nothing else!

How large would a prize $ amount have to be to entice you to perform this act? Provided of course that you had this kind of raw talent! :guitarist

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Post by Ahso! »

I'm currently having a sound issue with my box, but from watching the video I was reminded of the dancing style of someone I used to know.
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Very funny Tabby! I think the dancer works in my local super market!! Not that I have seen him dance but he wears the same glasses and often gets rather creative with them! :wah:

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