The Dog Fighter...

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The Dog Fighter...

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Taken from ' The Barking Army ' Site

The Dog Fighter is the inspiring true story of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Gordon Shell. When a medical condition threatened to end his career as a fighter, Shell didn't back down, but continued to fight. This time, however, the fight was for a different cause: the homeless and abused dogs of Detroit.

The documentary covers the transition Shell made from MMA fighter to The Dog Fighter. Shell states “I started pushing harder since I’m a fighter and work with fighters. I think we have a bigger voice to go after the bad guys.”

Shell fought his last MMA fight on September 15, 2012. It was his birthday and he turned 43. Using the event to bring attention to the issues of dog fighting and animal abuse in Detroit, he donated the winning proceeds to the Michigan Humane Society.

According to Shell, another fight could definitely be in order, even though doctors warned him that another match could kill him. His bad heart ended his 22-year fighting career.

The Dog Fighter says “I have had some tough guys write me and say they would fight but I think we could get top dollar for the cause with a big name." The cause he refers to is his helping to get more dogs off the streets.

Is there any specific “big name” he would like to fight? Gordon Shell quickly points out that he may be retired, but he still trains at full speed. He notes he is "ready to take on Mike Vick or anyone else that represents fighting or cruelty.”

A Coward Fights Animals, A Hero Fights For Them - YouTube

WOW.... what a man !!!! Come on ' Vick' take up the offer eh?
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