Real Children

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Real Children

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Florrie wrote: "Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednsday's....etc"

But of course we all live in the real :-5 world with Real :-6 Children.

Monday's child has no wish to please

Choosing to miss his GCE's

We fear he'll grow to be such a fool

The child who refuses to go to school.

Tuesday's child is mighty thrifty

His money goes far, towards even car!!

You don't want to dwell on the horrors of crime

Save that for the visits ..when he's doing time.

Wednsday's child is the light of your life

She yearns for the chance to be somebodys wife

She's had a few boyfriends fact... quite a few

Can someone tell us what Grandparents do?

Thursday's child's angry....we don't know what for!

He kicks at the cat...and damaged a door

'They' told us at '3' the tantrums would pass

We've now spent a fortune on purchasing glass.

Friday's child's mellow...but don't be amazed

Look closely'll see his eyeballs are glazed

'They tell us to chill!!!'s OK using 'draw'

They're simply pre-empting a change in the law,

Saturday's child's funny...he's having a blast

And anything goes...because he can run fast

We tell him to listen...consider and think

But his brain has been pickled by far too much drink.

There must be a child who isn't so bad

That dosen't delight in making us sad

Yes!!!!!!!......the child that is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonnie...and blith....and good....and gay!!!
The parents are worn, and turning gray

they've really tried to forget which day

when for a few moments of lust and fun

their carefree lives became undone :D
Old age and treachery, is an acceptable response to overwelming youth and skill :D

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