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pretty good explanation for those not aware

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Had a Samhain party this Saturday and someone put on a scary CD by Wilkinson, it went something like this:

Screaming - More like how I sounded like, when I saw my phone bill for the first time

Rattling chains - more like a sophisticated burglary

Spitting cats - an exact version of my cat Enya when she's getting ready to take on the neighbours cat Banjo, who's still getting over the humiliation of being beaten up by a lady cat (she’s no lady) and trying to live it down in the feline neighbourhood.

Bumps and groans - more like indigestion after a heavy meal :spicy:

A lot of witches look like winzened old woman, some look like they are straining on the loo! What ever happens, I hope you all have a nice Samhein. Children just check your sweets after you have been trick or treating and ensure it's chocolate, and not Exlax! ;)


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