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How's your day going? Are you having a great work day - or - a horrible one? Got complaints about your boss? Your co-workers? Your spouse or friends? This is the place to let it hang out.
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I must admit I'm loving my retirement! You hear so many stories of how folks can't stand retirement & return to work just so they have something to do. Goodness, that just tells me they never had a life outside their job to begin with. Not a day goes by that I'm not out and about enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. There are so many places to go and things to photograph I must make a list each week of my planned visits.

Today I get a two for one experience. I'm heading for the Portland Japanese Garden which is right next door to the Portland Rose Garden. None of these wonderful places will cost me a penny because I have a membership to the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden is open & free to the public.

Of course I'll be toting my camera along to capture all the wonders I discover. Then it's home for the fun of processing my work, saving them to my online storage site & posting the best on a dozen different forums. I do copy/paste. LOL More to follow... Sorry for the mis-spelled thread title. My spell checker didn't catch the goof & you can't edit the title. :(
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Post by Odie »

see you have so much to do there, where others don't.

everywhere you go here costs a lot.

enjoy your day!
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