prayers please

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farmer giles
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prayers please

Post by farmer giles »

one of my fave fg people has just lost her son :-1:-1

i must admit i sobbed like a child when i heard the news

if any one could just say a few prayers for mother and the child

i am thinking of you my friend :thinking:

if you ever need to talk or just vent or scream holler at know this i am always there night or day

jimbo :-4:-4

i am deep in sorrow over your terrible terrible loss :-1:-1
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prayers please

Post by Rapunzel »

She told us Jimbo and we all share your grief at her loss. :-1

Sending love, hugs and prayers to comfort her through this sad time. :yh_hugs:yh_flower
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prayers please

Post by WonderWendy3 »

You are such a good guy Jimbo, I sure do wish we lived a bit closer...I'd be getting a bear hug as much as possible. My heart breaks for her too...such deep pain that never goes away. :-1

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