Slow cooking

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Slow cooking

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Betty Boop;1260728 wrote: Stew tasted delish thanks! And loads left over for today, meaning I can get on with an essay and a presentation :guitarist

oh fabulous, so glad it turned out so good!
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Slow cooking

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AussiePam;1260836 wrote: I'm weird but I used to enjoy writing essays, Betty B !!! Good luck with that!!! What's the topic?? This isn't about misogyny (or not) in John Donne?????

No that was a discussion that should have taken place in a seminar but we got stuck on the erotic parts, well not stuck exactly, it just took more time than it should have :thinking: :wah:

This one was on travel in the 18th century and colonialism. But only 1000 words so it was hard to keep it condensed.
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Slow cooking

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make cornish hens. they are soooooo good in the crockpot!
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