Supermarket shoppers finally crack

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Supermarket shoppers finally crack

Post by gmc »

I'd heard life was boring in northern england but crikey.

why can't they go sky diving like normal pensioners?
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Supermarket shoppers finally crack

Post by chrisb84uk »

:yh_rotfl I'm speechless!!!!

That was brilliant, I would love to know what the passers bye thought of that!! :wah:
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Supermarket shoppers finally crack

Post by Omni_Skittles »

so trolley is like shopping carts! i get it now... funny vid... gotta love youtube.
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Supermarket shoppers finally crack

Post by Clodhopper »

Hah! It starts out innocently enough, and next thing they're holding up post offices. Why do we allow these people to hang around our city centres when they should be in day care? Are our police doing nothing?

Oooh. You won't get me risking a visit to Darlington anytime soon. I just wouldn't feel safe.

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Supermarket shoppers finally crack

Post by joesoap »

Watch out for their next "big budget", blockbuster!

Multi-million Dollar Movie

A world- famous production company has been on location in the area, filming scenes for a new multi-million dollar movie. Prude Lane Productions, who’s past works include “Honey, I’ve split the kipper”, the controversial “A last tangent in Powburn”, the Oscar winning “Fart from the madding crowd” the “cult” sci-fi classic “2001 - Known Shilbottle Oddities” and the epic “Noddy Wilcox and the Temple of Broon”, have been filming an adaptation of the Lucker Prize winning novel “Hairy Potter and the Missing Fish Cake”, at several secret locations over the last three weeks. Produced and directed by Prude Lane supremo Mervin Slange and staring top Northumbrian actor Throgus “Rocketman” Redhead, “Hairy Potter and the Missing Fish Cake” is a tale of one mans struggle against adversity in the constant quest of discovering that mans quest for constant adversity is a tale of ones struggle with discovering that the adverse quest is a struggle for one man constantly to adversely discover the tale of the quest of discovery.

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Supermarket shoppers finally crack

Post by Vinny_Mac »

Not forgetting 'Agnes', the hilarious tale of a batty old dear, played by Dame Thora Niffelsnout, whose life is suddenly complicated when she realises that the turkey she put in the freezer with her husband Norris is not dead but simply cryogenically frozen. Should she keep the new life that stirs within her freezer? and how will she cope as an old dear with a young turkey to protect in the wilds of East Anglia.

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