It's Okay To Talk To Them

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It's Okay To Talk To Them

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So I'm totally new to this... so be patient. But, I'm 16, yeah I know, young. But I was told to find some online support groups to get involved with because of what I've been throug the past 3 years. So I figured I'd give it a try, I mean, what kinda damage could it do right?

So last night was rough... WOW... I got into an argument with my dad, he's crazy. But I was getting defensive because he kept telling me that life was too easy for me. I had never told EITHER of my parents this, but becuase of the moment and all of the emotions included, I finally came out and told my parents that I was raped when I was 13.

Man that was tough. It happened to me towards the end of my eight grade year and I never told ANYONE about it up until about second semester of my freshman year in high school. So it was kind of shocking for them to hear, and probably not a very good time. But I mean, I found out that it IS okay for me to talk to them. That in a family, you don't get judged... :-3

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