Just In Time For Christmas...

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Just In Time For Christmas...

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Dear Santa

This group called the garden, is as close to what folks get from each other in times of stress and hardship, as i have ever experienced. the embrace of friendship, the hug of reassurance..I'd never learned to accept that before them. These people, who gave me so much, are entitled to peace and harmony when they sign on here.

And so, if in fact, you do exist...here is what i'd like for christmas...

1. I'd like thomas to get one more day of his fathers time. If only in his mind..give him a moment or two, in his time of grief, to remember all the good times in his life, because of the man who was his dad...thomas is a gift to the garden, which tells me his father was nothing to sneeze at.

2. I'd like skittles to understand, and accept and find peace. What an impressive kid!

3. I'd like chonsi to know, she is the standard...and not once in my lifetime have I come close to being the type of person she is...

3. I'd like l.plates to get a call from the school, because the son did well at something. I knew a teacher once who did that... I want you to feel that too.

4. I'd love for BR to feel the mother in me, holding her in my arms at such a scary time. I'd love for her to feel unwavering confidence, that this will be worked out. And to know that what I have, I offer to her ... because of her..

5. I'd love for Tennessegirl and Dragon to have their husbands home. And if they can't be home, I'd love it if you could let them feel how much we care that they are doing without..for us..

6. I'd like the folks from across the pond to know how cool I feel knowing folks who may have actually walked in the footsteps of the beatles...:wah: - just kidding.. England, Scotland, Spain, Australia.. they've given me the world..and all I had to offer up was chocolate and twinkies...Abbey,Betty, Bez, Venus, Pina, Orange, Buttercup, Arnold(from whom I learned a wee bit about soccer fans), Johnie and even GMC showed me there is so much more...

7. I'd love for you to find a room and force BTS and LC to sit across from each other and look the other in the eyes.....until they see themselves...

I have to ask why it is okay to put someone as sweet as nv -through this ..I know she loves BTS(if i hadnt already liked him, that alone would have earned him the key)..and although she may have a tough time remembering why at the moment, I know that she values LC and her advice and strenght. And I ask myself if BR really needs this right now... of all the things her friends could be doing or saying, they chose to defend their pride.

I'd love it if they could both take care of themselves and be able to bicker for 50 years more...

8. I'd love for you to make Carla and Val and Minks and Peg ..queens for the day(rotating schedule..lol)..so that they could knock heads and bust chops..lol

9. I'd like to be there, just to watch... when 'it' comes around ....for clint, accountable , jives ,mom and tmsgirl..'goodness for goodness sake' ... now, i get what that means..

10. I'd like Far to get the rest he needs and deserves before the holy terror arrives... You are the dad every girl should have..

11. I'd love 20 minutes each with the 'turtleboy', 'the lemon drop kid' and 'cars' -in a dark room...one- i would tape his eyebrows to the wall and tie those dancing legs into a knot...:-4 ..we'll leave the other to your imagination santa.. lol

12. I'd love to see Paul and Tombstone get back half of what they've given me this year.

Keep Nomad in line for me Snooze, I'm counting on you girl!

Who knew there would be so many of you....


p.s. damn, did I do another journal no one can post to?? :sneaky::yh_rotfl

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