I need tips about hydroponic gardening

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I need tips about hydroponic gardening

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I'm a gardener who's been working with traditional soil-based gardens for years, but I'm interested in branching out into hydroponic gardening. I have a small garden space in my backyard, and while it's been productive, I'm curious about the potential of hydroponics and what it can offer.

I've done some research and have a general understanding of how hydroponic gardening works, but I'm still lacking in specific details and knowledge. I'm hoping that some of you who have experience with hydroponic gardening can help me out with some questions I have.

Here's some more information about my current garden setup:
  • I have a raised garden bed that's about 8 feet by 4 feet.
    I grow a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini.
    I use a mix of compost and topsoil for my soil.
    I water my garden using a drip irrigation system.
Here are some questions I have about hydroponic gardening:
  • What kind of system would be best for a beginner like me?
    How much space do I need for a hydroponic garden? Can I use my raised garden bed?
    What types of plants grow well in hydroponic gardens?
    How often do I need to change the nutrient solution in the water?
    What kind of lighting is best for hydroponic gardens?
Any information or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm excited to learn more about hydroponic gardening and what it can offer my backyard garden. Thank you in advance for your help!
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