Why are my onion seeds only germinating ?

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Why are my onion seeds only germinating ?

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Hey everyone,
I believe some of the onion seeds I purchased with other vegetable seeds are still just germination. The seeds grow, but instead of developing roots and sprouting, the weak seedlings scurry about the surface. They just lay there, and they die there. Suggest some ways to fix this issue.
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Re: Why are my onion seeds only germinating ?

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Oddly enough I don't mind that link.

If you can get a clear centimeter gap around each seed it will have room to sprout, but you'll still want to replant each seedling when it gets seven or eight centimeters high so the bulb has room to become your desired eventual onion size. A spring onion is a lot less diameter than a Spanish onion.

The compost should be damp but not soaking wet, it should have a lot of air in it. It's fluffy compost, not clay.

The seeds should all be in the dark while germinating. That means spread another centimeter of compost over the bed once it's seeded.

My grandfather kept a very good vegetable garden and his onion rows were wonderful.
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Re: Why are my onion seeds only germinating ?

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Maybe they ought to grow onion sets instead, bit easier than onion seeds. Less problematic, and don't forget to pop your carrots in-between your onions, keep the flies away.

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