Five years!

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Five years!

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Almost five years of studying the deep Atlantic in unprecedented detail has revealed 12 species new to science.

The sea mosses, molluscs and corals had eluded discovery because the sea floor is so unexplored, scientists say.

[...] As Prof George Wolff, an ocean chemist from the University of Liverpool who was involved in the project pointed out: "We can still say we have better maps of the surface of the Moon and Mars than of the sea floor."

Five years? Twelve new species in a five year study? What in God's name were they out there doing? They have an unexplored inaccessible sea floor that nobody has been near before, they have equipment to study it and five years and they come back with "12 species new to science"? Something they could have done on a single submersible dive?

And they got funding for this?

Lord have mercy.
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