I Have Returned

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I Have Returned

Post by Alon »

I have been gone for a long time and can't remember how to do anything on Forum Garden, like uploading a pic, starting a new post. I would like to find my old posts. I can't remember the year I joined. My email is the same but I think I used the name Lon instead of alon. Help??
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I Have Returned

Post by LarsMac »

Welcome back, Lon.

Check PM
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I Have Returned

Post by spot »

I hope you've found everything now Lon - do shout if you're stuck, it's nice to see you again. Are you north or south of the equator at the moment?
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Bryn Mawr
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I Have Returned

Post by Bryn Mawr »

Welcome back, you’ve been missed :-6
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I Have Returned

Post by Raphael »

You claim to be California linked , OP .

Why do those fires start within seconds of the power being switched off and in a manner

which is 100% anomalous ( to use mod - speak ) and as per an engineered explosion?

Evidence is on film .

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