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After nearly six weeks of emailing and handing out resumés and poring over employment websites and the newspaper want ads and filling out applications, I am now part-time gainful, with my previous previous (as in previous once removed) employer. I was asked to accept a temporary gig with the company while another associate went on vacation, and by the time said vacationing employee returned I had made it obvious that the company needed me, was bereft without me, relied on my stunning work ethic and superior skills. Or perhaps it was the wheedling.

Whatever. I have something to do three days per week now, and it’s a bonus that it’s not something that I feel I settled for, something that doesn’t make me want to attack my own wrists with a spork.

Now I have to fill in the gaps at least until I can convince my employers that the Earth will verily open and swallow the building lest I be there all the time and ever and ever amen. Hard sell in these trying times, and since I can’t be assured of the certainty of going full-time before spring, I’ll take this opportunity to explore other part-time possibilities, something outside of the environment in which I’ve been working for so long. Why not? I’m reasonably intelligent, have been known to wear dressy clothes for hours at a time without getting something on them, and can learn to shave at least every other day. I’m going to go with the assumption that, whereas an employer wouldn’t dare hire me on full-time in a field of which I know little, he or she may accept me in a part-time position where I might not single-handedly sink the battleship. It need not be fancy; a bookstore (yes, I know I wouldn’t actually be reading the books, thanks), or data entry (I’ve done this, and if you count signing up for every got-damned social networking website and web forums I happen across, I’ve done it one Hell of a whole LOT, maybe more than I’ve done anything ELSE). I might even contemplate working a couple days a week for a non-profit…wait, I’m getting a cramp…

Meanwhile, I’m joining a gym. Actually, I’m re-joining Bally’s Total Fitness, which is running SUCH a deal, even though the rat bastards never refunded me for the remaining months I wouldn’t be able to use when we moved out of the state. It’s the best deal going that I’ve found, really, so today I’m taking my 30-day trial coupon (offered when we moved into our apartment here; Nice!) to them and scoping out the joint to see if the facilities have been adequately maintained. I’ll take my work-out togs with me for my first formal exercise session in two months; I’ve seriously fallen off the wagon, so no doubt Monday will dawn with a groan. I also haven’t been to the track in a couple of weeks, and that 5K in which I intend to participate next year won’t run itself, now will it?

Yeah, tough talk. This makes me tired just typing about it.

And now for some news I’m sure no one expected, something jaw-droppingly flabbergasting, an event sure to stun and amaze: we are on a list for another apartment, and will move when one in a suitable location in the complex becomes available. The missus isn’t happy with the overall size of the one in which we now abide, and neither of us are enthused about the size of the kitchen; it’s like a coffin for elderly appliances. The cats could use more room too, and I’m thinking that this recent habit of theirs of dashing around my legs as I carry boiling or pointy articles is a manifestation of their dissatisfaction. So ONCE AGAIN we’ll be schlepping our worldly goods to and fro, and honestly? Not going to write about moving ever again. If we end up in Ghana you’ll just have to discover it via inference and veiled clues (“Dang! That orange-cheeked waxbill crapped all of the Range Rover again!”). I’m done. What was I talking about again?

This week I’m riding to work every day, and last time I rode the bike it was all squeaky. I’m thinking some dry desert dust insinuated itself in some moving parts after I cleaned it last time, so I’ll be cleaning the bike this afternoon.

Finally, here’s my goal for the next year:

[Link removed]

Every one of them, at least once. I loved the hikes we did in New Mexico, and it seems ridiculous we haven’t done all of these in our own (adopted) home state. I’m inviting anyone who wants to go to come with us. I’ll post the intended date and time on Facebook, and post photos when I have ‘em afterward.

That’s it and that’s all.

Go forth and Enjoy!

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