Behold A Pale Horse

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Behold A Pale Horse

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"The bold offspring of Iapetus brought fire to peoples by wicked deceit".
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. R.L. Binyon
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Behold A Pale Horse

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Themis;1131755 wrote: A Moon, A Mystery - Iapetus

A Moon, A Mystery - Iapetus Video
Another great thread Themis..... I shall do some more gooogling.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. R.L. Binyon
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Behold A Pale Horse

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El's Holy Injiyl ~ The Book Of Revelation In The Original Aramic Chapter One Verse 1-3

Message Of Confirmation To The World That The Book Of Revelation Is The Book Given To The Messiah Jesus Which Thehos Gave To His Faithful Disciple John .

Verse 1 - 3 . The Revelation Of Ha Mashiakh , Yashu'a Which Yahweh Of The Eloheem Gave To Him , In Order For Him To Teach His Servants , About That Which Must Happen Very Quickly , And To Record And Send It By Way Of My ( Yowkhanan ) Hands , Through His Malak ( Malkiy Tsedeq ) For His Servant ( Yowkhanan Bar Zebedee ) The News Bearer .

Verse 2 . The Newsbearer Yowkhanan Testified By Way Of The Word Of Yahweh Of The Eloheem , And A Testimony Of Ha Mashiakh , In All The Affairs Which ( Yowkhanan Bar Zebedee ) Saw .

Verse 3 . Blessings Will Come To Womever Reads , And Listen To The Dawbar ' Words ' Of This Nabawa 'Prophecy 'Contained In The Book Of Revelation ; And Shamariym 'Guards ' The Writing In It And The Time Is Already Coming Near .

El's Holy Injiyl ~ The Book Of Revelation Original Aramic Chapter Nine .

The Fifth Messenger Sound , And A Stars Fall From Heaven To Earth , This . Is The Begining Of The Nuclear War , The Bottomless Pit Is Opened And Locust Come Out From The Earth

( The Horror )

Verse 1

And the fifth Cherubeen of destruction of the seventh Anunnaqi , Eloheem blew his trumpet signaling the beginning of the fifth plague and I , John , son of Salome and Zebedee , saw an atomic bomb which I , John , interpreted it as a light like a meteorite , a star from the Orion skies , six - star constellation , upon the Planet Earth and it was given the key of the bottomless pit beinf able to open up the Earth ; When the bomb exploded in the earth it threw off blasts of power appearing like fire and beimstone because people believe that Hell was in the earth . That's how it recorded by John .

Verse 2 .

So the atomic bomb that was first introduced by the Malevolent Beings into the New Babylon

( America ) in 1945 A.D. , Russia in 1949 A.D. , Great Britain in 1951 A.D. and finally France , one of the heads of the Beast in 1960 A.D. that opened the bottomless pit making a hole in the Planet Earth all the way to the center and out of the pit ascended like a dust cloud . a mushroom smoke from the bomb that can reach as high as 32,000 feet high , just like the dust cloud of a great furnace and the Apu . sun was darkened by the smoke and the air was dense with smoken because of the dust cloud of the pit ; the smoke or dust that rose from the pit that blackened the skies was a result of the 1,000 exploded oil wells set in the Middle East by Saddam Hussein's president of Iraq military forces on March 2 . 1991 A.D. And continued to burn up until October 1991 A.D. As a result the clouds were covered with an oil - like substance that caused many people to have respiratory problems , like oil pneumonia where the oil smothers the tiny air sacks in the lungs . And the air was dense with the smoke of the oil wells of the Arab world and the fallout from the bomb's dust .

John Sees The Warplanes Which Is Being Interpreted As Locusts And Scorpions .

Verse 3 .

There came out of the smoke of the pit , aircafts , planes that was interpreted by John , son of Zebedee and Salome , to look like locusts to land upon the Planet Earth , the same manuever of locusts who fly in formation and were given authority to kill just like the scorpions has power or authority in its tail to cause death , with the F - 117 A Stealth fighter plane that also has a sting in its tail in the form of Biological and Germ Warfare to spread upon the Planet Earth .

Thehos Commands That All Men Be Tormented For Five Months . The Evil One Displays His Vast Infantry And Aircarfts . Tankers , And Various Other Ballistics In A War That Involves All Nations Of The Earth ; ( World War lll )

Verse 4 .

And the military fighter planes were commanded that they should not hurt the grass of the planet Earth nor any other thing which is green or vegetation , neither all the trees but only hurt nation of people , the Neutron Bomb was designed to hurt people but without harming buildding structures , so the bombs were dropped by air bombardment so the grass would not be affected due to the destructive habits of the pilots , affecting all of those who do not have the mark of Yahweh of the Eloheem , The Most High in their forehead , that is received through prostrations to the ground an act of humbleness , which the Holy Ones , Al Mukhlasyina do constantly before the Sustainer , through worship and prayer called Selah . It is a spiritual communication between the worshipper and El Eloh the Heavenly One , Anu also called Thehos . Yahweh , and Allah .

Verse 5 .

And the military of the beast was commanded that they should not kill the righteous , all the plagues that the Creator will send on the earth will not affect the 144,000 nor will they suffer the effect of radiation , poverty , sickness , because they bore witness to the truth . However , they could torment them by way of Germ Warfare for five months , its torture will be slow , painful , and paralyzing . And their pain was as the pain as if a human being is stung by the scorpion .

Verse 6 .

And in those days during the period of war 1990 - 1999 A.D. the Evil One will be at his fiercest attempt to establish his dominion over the whole world because he knows that his time is almost up . These wars will cause a destruction never seen before on this planet . For the first time in major warfare , Germ Warfare will be utilized and nuclear warfare will be the common factor involved . This war will last for twenty - seven years . The nations of people will seek out death wanting to die in order to spare themselves of the misery , because living will become so terrifying and death will look like a favor when normally people fear death because it is something they don't overstand . But they will not find it because they cannot escape the wrath of El Eloh , Anu , The Most High , Elyown Elyown El from the fallout from the bombs and they will desire death and death will flee away from them , by escaping from them and their will be no compassion on them

Verse 7 .

And the resemblance of those locust , the military planes of the Evil One's army resemble horses prepared for battle flying in formation they also were representing the four horsemen who are the four empires Babylon , Greek , Roman , European - America symbolized by intellectual creatures ; the lion , the bull , human being , and the eagle . And upon every one of their heads were crowns which resembled gold , but was actually the sun's light shining off the planes metal bodies ; and their faces were like the resemblance of the faces of the nation of people because they have drawn on these fighter aircarafts .

Verse 8 .

And their hair was like the hair of women because of the speedy movement of the planes propellers created an illusion that appeared as hair to John , and their teeth as the teeth of a lion , was that which was drawn on these fighter planes . These are the aircrafts used during World War ll ( 1939 - 1945 A.D. ) that were known as as the ''Flying Tigers '' and the A -10 Thunderbolts .
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