do you think

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do you think

Post by Bruv »

spot;1507463 wrote: There's right and there's wrong. There's no middle ground, the question of preparing tea is binary.

I have re searched, meaning I have searched again, and it would seem my parents were correct all the time, it was the American own and biased search engine that put doubt in my mind.

Tetly tea brewing advice

Typhoo tea brewing advice

So......if my parents were right and Spot is right....................where can I put my failure to reach dizzy heights ? It wasn't my parents.

So that is a hollow victory of my life choices have shown up to be what they are.................all down to me......even my self doubts about the value of my one to blame but myself.

You opened up a can of worms Lars............I may never recover equanimity
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do you think

Post by travelingjack »

you have left the whole process of a cuppa tea sound far to complicated technical and hard work im not sure if i ever want to embark on another cuppa ever again , i made one yesterday by the time i had made it looked at it and thought of what you guys have said , ' it was cold :yh_rotfl:yh_rotfl

how can i ever drink another :-3
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do you think

Post by spot »

travelingjack;1507468 wrote: i made one yesterday
Ah. We have traced the underlying problem. You have trespassed where you ought not to have gone, set foot in the servant wing instead of using the bell-pull. Conventional etiquette is to have your valet send word that you will be ready for your tea in twenty minutes. For you to actually enter the kitchen yourself is unthinkable.

Your role is to select the tea which is to be served. There are two acceptable hill stations, one in the Cameron Highlands and the other, of course, on the south-facing slopes to the west of Darjeeling. I am unaware as yet of any alternative though one continues to live in hope. The postal service is sufficiently advanced for a regular order to be delivered each month, I believe they can even use aircraft for some part of the journey.
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do you think

Post by maanyasri »

I wont use that, instard of that. I will stay calm.
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do you think

Post by Clodhopper »

I was banned from having caffeine a while back due to tummy problems. Tea without caffeine! The horror!

Today I cracked and bought a packet of 50 Twinings English Breakfast Tea. Now I'm running a bath...
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do you think

Post by jennyswan »

All the time and way too much and too deeply about everything. :-) I have been blessed and cursed with an overactive imagination and super memory :-)

I like to think things through but admit to also being somewhat spontaneous in speaking my mind and should learn to bite my tongue more often.

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