Should I tell my friend?

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Should I tell my friend?

Post by johnny78 »

We 3 have been friends for a few years. Than the "bad guy" got a girlfriend. Let say we were his first two friends he ever had. As soon as he got a gf, he got rude to me. He also did the same thing to the 3rd guy but all behind his back. I didn't want to fight so I just ended the friendship. So now he has 1 friend and 1 girlfriend. It's like he don't need anymore.

I know he will get mean to him as soon he'll get another friend. Let say that that friend and me are not so close. We see about 3-times a year, spoke few words and that's it.

Should I tell him about what he said to me and about him?

And for the bottom line.....He's words was really mean. For example: he got a plan where he'll meet that guy and beat the heal out of him. He make fun of him in the worst kind of way. Because he's a pussy that always happened over the phone or msn.

We were hanging out from when we were 20 to around 25. He also make fun of me when my mom died. I'll never forget that!

I was thinking about sending him (the good guy) an SMS saying "Watch that guy he's not the guy you think" and maybe write down 2 or 3 things he said. Basically I don't care for each one of them anymore cause we're not close.

What should I do?
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Should I tell my friend?

Post by gmc »

Nothi8ng. Why are you wasting time thinking about people who are not you friends. Passing rat's turds in the sewer don't bother trying to catch them.
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Should I tell my friend?

Post by LarsMac »

What he said.

You've already wasted more time on them that it's worth. Just walk away. You'll like yourself much more for it.
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Should I tell my friend?

Post by FourPart »

I had a similar situation about a month ago. Then something happened as a direct cause of them, which very nearly lost me my job & had me on Suicide Watch. Needless to say I have not seen, heard or spoken to them ever since. They had showed they could not be trusted & were immediately removed from my circle. Simple as that.

Friendship is a matter of mutual trust. If you no longer have that trust, then friendship is not there either - acquaintances, at best. Accept it.
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Should I tell my friend?

Post by G#Gill »

I agree with the other posts. I wouldn't bother with either of them any more. Leave your occasional 'friend' to find out for himself. Walk away and get on with your life, they're just not worth it, and you'll avoid any problems which may occur if you 'tell tales'. There are plenty more fish in the sea !
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Should I tell my friend?

Post by Smaug »

The bible said " throw not your pearls before swine", which I take to mean "don't waste your words/time". You could SMS him, but if you do, you run the risk of having them BOTH against you. Obviously, I don't know you or them at all, or anything much about you, nevertheless, I would advise caution, whatever you decide.
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Should I tell my friend?

Post by tazzy »

do nothing, seems to me they are not your friends so go on with you life and enjoy yourself

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