Some sadness with Santa

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Some sadness with Santa

Post by valerie »

Tonight, the fire department and police came around the

neighborhood with Santa. It's a nice thing they do every year

in my town, flashing lights and you can donate toys for needy


We grabbed the toys I'd bought and Sierra, and headed a

little ways down the street. They had a PA sustem with

Christmas carols, a good Santa and sleigh and reindeer with

lighted harness... we watched a few of the kids go up and

tell Santa what they wanted. Sierra was EXCELLENT... all

that commotion, noise, kids running around and she perfectly

held her down/stay on the sidewalk. Then we decided to head

back home. Well, one of the neighborhood kids came running

up and said "SHE GREW HER LEG BACK!!". I don't mind telling

you it was all I could do (through my tears) to tell this little boy,

no, this was a new dog. Sierra looks so much like Tamsen, plus it

was very dark out in the street. I'm glad my husband was there to

hear it, the little boy was one that used to sometimes hang out

on our front lawn and give Tamsen treats. I loved the way he

said it, it was with much joy... and he didn't seem too upset to

find out it was a different dog.

But man, the lump I had to try and swallow...

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Some sadness with Santa

Post by AussiePam »

(((((((((( Valerie ))))))))))))
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Some sadness with Santa

Post by WonderWendy3 »

I have a lump in my throat.....big hugs to you Valerie!!
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Some sadness with Santa

Post by chonsigirl »

:-4 Hugs to you, Val.
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Some sadness with Santa

Post by mrsK »

:yh_hugs:yh_hugs for you Val.:yh_hugs:yh_hugs

It's nice to know the little boy loved Tamsen too:-6
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Some sadness with Santa

Post by RedGlitter »

Oh man....that's a heart squeezer.

I like what Mrs K said and agree. :)

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