Dale Jr. fans..what do ya think?

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Dale Jr. fans..what do ya think?

Post by Sheryl »

So what do the Dale Jr. fans think of his leaving DEI for Hendricks racing?
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Dale Jr. fans..what do ya think?

Post by K.Snyder »

Jr's never gotten along with Teresa and her constant insistence on keeping control over DEI has finally seen Dale Jr. frustrated to the point of simply picking up and leaving...

No one in the racing business faults him at all in his decision to leave but alot of fans do question the team that he's chosen...Hendrick Motorsports has been one of their prime rivals...Hendricks without a doubt has some of the best cars and equipment in the business so his performance won't falter one bit...It's just a sad outcome to a legendary family that can't see no compromise over the simplest of things...

The funny thing is, is that Dale Jr. left simply because him and her don't get along...He wanted control over the company, which wasn't because of money by any means, especially considering that Dale Jr. is one of the richest athletes in America, but because he wanted to keep up with the company his father specifically wanted to leave for the entire family and is being ripped apart out of greed...

It's not something the fans are used to but it's definitely nothing the racing world hasn't seen before...People change cars all of the time...Same driver, same crew, same cars(Sort of)...Different owner...
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Dale Jr. fans..what do ya think?

Post by G-man »

I don't know much about it other than what I've heard him and others discuss and gossip about... it sounds like a big mess and who needs that family or not? Family owned businesses don't often work out... I've seen it all to often break up my own family. I can only see it being a better situation than that one he was in for far too long.

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Dale Jr. fans..what do ya think?

Post by webfriend »

I have followed Nascar starting in the mid 80's. And was a die hard "Sr" fan.

Not to be one that jumps on the winner back, but the way he could drive the car, he didn't need a grove he just drove it.

When he died, I stop watching for a while, but the kid brought me back. He has a long way to go, If it were up to me, he should walk away without crew chief team and all. Start fresh. If he's any kind of drive his new team will put a car under him that anyone can drive.

Now he will learn from the best car owner.

And then go back after his step mom ruins DEI, and buy her out. :driving:


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Dale Jr. fans..what do ya think?

Post by PerfectAngel »

I feel sorry for the people who have gotten tattoo's with the number 8! Personally I would never get a tattoo, but I think I'de be very upset if I were a "die hard" fan of his with a tattoo! That sucks!:-1
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Dale Jr. fans..what do ya think?

Post by 4rum »

NASCAR, like any other business has become all arithmetic. If Jr. doesn't perform to a certain profit margin, Hendrick will spit him out just like Kyle Bush.

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