The Matrix Trilogy

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The Matrix Trilogy

Post by Tombstone »

I think the original movie's concept was so original and thought-provoking (to an extent) that the follow-on's didn't really have more to offer. The premise had been set, so the sequels were ride alongs.

Or, did I miss something in movie #2, and #3?! :o
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The Matrix Trilogy

Post by anastrophe »

in terms of ticket sales, i believe number 2 was the biggest hit - but that kind of figures. the first matrix was a very big hit, and the follow-on video releases took it to even higher levels. the matrix was released in 1999. it wasn't until 2003 that the second one came out - so that meant more than three years for anticipation to build, so when it was released, *everyone* just had to see it.

it was, however, a bit of a disappointment in some respects - it lacked a lot of the twists and wonderment that the first one had. so when the third one came out just a few months later, people were less excited about it and didn't jam the theaters.

in the long haul, i believe the first matrix will always be considered the definitive one.
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