Using my new Kindle

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Using my new Kindle

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My mini-book about using Kindle is available at: Kindle How-To: Notes to Share eBook: Ludwik Kowalski: Kindle Store

It describes only those basic tasks which I actually performed. The title is KINDLE HOW-TO: NOTES TO SHARE; the price is less than one dollar. Each short note describes a different task, as shown below:

Table of Contents


Note 1: Kindle's keys and buttons

Note 2: How durable are Kindle's batteries?

Note 3: Extracting text from a Kindle book

Note 4: Kindle's wireless channels

Note 5: Private documents on Kindle

Note 6: Archiving my Kindle books

Note 7: Finding a phrase in my Kindle book

Note 8: Grouping Kindle books into collections

Note 9: Reading Kindle books on my computer

Note 10: Writing Kindlle books

Being a beginner I would like to know what more knowledgeable people think about this mini-book. If you are one of such people then contact me by email at

and I will send you the mini-book in Word format. Your comments will help me to improve the book. Yes, I am contemplating a second edition, after becoming more knowledgeable. Please share the link with those who might be interested.

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