Soap Making all kinds

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Soap Making all kinds

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I love to make home made soap, and there are alot of other soapers out there who do too. I know there are a few different kinds of soap that folks make; cold process, hot process, melt and pour, vegan.... Would love to share ideas (label making), recipes, photos, shampoo bars and alot of discussion.


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Soap Making all kinds

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There's clean soap-making and there's eww gross soap-making. To try the latter you start with around a half hundredweight of kitchen dripping which nobody else can work out how to dispose of. The other ingredients are 5 pounds granulated caustic soda as marketed for clearing drains (£3.50) and 20 pounds of rock salt for de-icing pathways (£1). A pint of Cologne Toilet Water (£2, Dalston Market), while optional, is a good idea. Improvise moulds out of plant nursery bedding pots, the sort that come in 10x10 grids made of thin plastic. The soap-making takes four hours and you end up with 240 bars, each of which is an ideal (if wrapped nicely) Christmas present.
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